Leaking Refrigerator Line Causes Extensive Home Damage

Leaking Refrigerator Line Causes Extensive Home Damage

Extensive Home Damage From Refrigerator Line

Leaking refrigerator line causes extensive home damage off of Park Rd. Charlotte, NC (28210)
3700 Surry Ridge
Charlotte, NC 28210

IMG_2797Mr. James L. called Built Restoration and Construction services after he noticed his hardwoods buckling throughout his kitchen area.  The initial source of water damage was from a leaking/faulty water supply line for his refrigerator.  Upon inspection we were able to determine that the extensive home damage to the wood floors extended several feet past the area that was already buckled and water was located underneath the large kitchen island cabinet as well.  It was at this time that it was confirmed that the damages to the home justified contacting his insurance carrier and filing a claim with Nationwide Insurance.

When water damage occurs to wood floors it is not unusual for the extensive home damage to require full removal of the water damaged area.  The reason why is that once the water gets trapped between the floor and the vapor barrier it is does not allow for any air movement (drying)-this water can sit for several months and continue to spread to unaffected areas and causing additional secondary damages.  As expected over the ensuing days after the water damage was first noticed the wood floors continued to buckle in several different areas.

IMG_2806Leaks from kitchen appliances (dishwasher overflows, water supply lines, faulty valves, etc.) are very typical and one of the harder areas to begin rapid dry out and mitigation services.  Your insurance carrier will expect you (and your contractor) to reduce the amount of damages.  In this instance we had to remove the granite countertops and cabinets in a way that would allow them to be reinstalled after the home was dried out and wood floors repaired.  Multiple contractors were called out to facilitate each aspect of the kitchen deconstruction (Harkey Tile and Granite; plumbing; cabinet contractor).

Below the initial water damaged area upstairs the water had also run down between the ceiling/floors and had caused significant damage to drywall ceiling below.  This ceiling had been wet for several days and similar to the floor would not dry out properly without causing secondary damages without the proper demo and dry out process.  All wet insulation and drywall were removed from the garage ceiling so that proper drying equipment could be set up and put in place-in addition to dry out from dehumidifiers and air movers we had to set up a containment chamber that would hold our hot dry air and expedite the drying process.

We were able to dry the entire affected area over the course of 4 days by using approximately 24 air movers and 4 extra large dehumidifiers’.   Site conditions were checked daily to ensure drying process was moving along correctly and equipment changed/updated accordingly.  A biocide was applied to all wet building materials (subfloor, floor joists, cabinets, walls, etc.) before and after the dryout to help prevent against possible mold issues in the future.

After the property was completely dried out and stablilized scheduling for repairs began.  Repairs to the home included the following:
•    Replace wood floor that was removed at water mitigation
•    Sand and refinish entire wood floor (all continuous areas)
•    Reinstall cabinets that were previously removed
•    Reinstall countertops and kitchen plumbing
•    Secure and schedule all building permits required
•    Post construction cleaning

Total repair time after dry out was complete took approximately 14 days and the homeowner is back in place with a home that looks better than before the water damage ever occurred.

Built Restoration and Construction Services provides 24/7 emergency property services.  Our clients include USAA Insurance, Nationwide Insurance, Kemper, Amica, State Farm, Allstate, and most major carriers.  If your charlotte, NC home is damaged from Fire, Water, Smoke, or Storm make Built Restoration your first call.  We will inspect your home for damages and work directly with your insurance company to efficiently repair your damages.  Our service area includes Charlotte, Concord, Mooresville, and surrounding cities/counties.

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