Handling Hail Damage

Handling Hail Damage

Built Restoration: Handling Hail Damage 

Hail damage on roof

We’ve all seen the videos or pictures of large hail stones causing significant damage to people’s homes and property. However, it does not take baseball sized hail stones to cause damage to your roof, gutters, vents, and other items. A good way to determine if you may need to get your roof inspected is if you had a storm roll through that produced hail with 1 inch or more diameter (size of a quarter). If you have, then odds are some form of damage has occurred to your roof or other material on the outside of your home.

Once you suspect that you have hail damage, another thing to consider is why exactly it needs to be inspected and potentially replaced. Wood shake, clay, and other denser roofing materialcan be cracked or shattered by large hail stones. You can also see signs of damage in the form of dents to gutters, vents, and window casings. Damage to asphalt shingles may consist of punctures, tears, fractures or the most common, removal of granules as a result of impact. When this occurs, the shingle becomes vulnerable to UV light degradation, which can accelerate cracking, blistering, algae formation, edge damage, and water leaks.

Hail damage to metalGiven the previous details, if you think you may have a roof issue as a result of hail damage, we here at Built will perform a free roof inspection to help you determine what damage you have, if any, and how to go about fixing it. Significant damage often results in an insurance claim. We have the know-how and experience to help you through the process, working with you and the agency. From inspecting and documenting the damage, setting up the claim, removal of the damaged material, and replacement of the roof or other items, Built Restoration is the company for you from start to finish.

Built restoration truckFor a free inspection feel free to contact us anytime!

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