Things to do after a house fire

Things to do after a house fire

The last thing any homeowner ever wants to deal with is a fire. Obviously, the size and scope of the fire constitutes different approaches for restoration, but any degree of damage can be hard to deal with. We here at Built understand that and have put a comprehensive guide together in order to help you through the process, should you find yourself in that situation.

Step 1: Emergency Contact

The process of restoring your home begins when we here at Built receive your call. We understand that you are in a very uncomfortable position and will ask you a few questions so we can formulate the best approach to start dealing with the damage in your home.

Step 2: Inspection and Fire Damage Assessment

This step entails visiting the property in order to start putting together a comprehensive plan on restoring the home. By seeing the actual structure we can fully assess the damage, identify any safety issues, plan out any equipment/ resources we may need, and begin to mitigate any further damage to the home.

Step 3: Board-Up and Roof-Tarp Service

Depending on the extent of the fire damage, sometimes exterior walls and parts of the roof can be compromised. In order to mitigate or stop further damage from occurring those parts of the house need to be boarded up or a tarp stretched over compromised areas. This ensures that the house is not open to the elements while restoration is taking place.

Step 4: Water Removal and Drying (if water damage is present)

As we all know, sometimes in order for a fire to be put out, water needs to be applied. This, unfortunately will also cause damage to your home while also putting out the fire that was currently doing the damage. If water was used to diffuse the fire, the, air movement and dehumidification will need to be applied in order to dry out the home as well.

Step 5: Removal of Smoke and Soot from All Surfaces

There are multiple techniques and tools that can be used to remove smoke and soot from areas in your home. We here at Built can can apply any and all needed to get the structure back to its previous condition. Smoke and soot can sit in many different materials throughout the home and a comprehensive cleaning plan is needed in order to remove everything. This process includes all salvageable items in the household.

Step 7: Restoration

Restoration is the final step. This entails working with your insurance company to create a detailed plan to restore your home to pre-fire condition. This may entail just a little cleaning in a room or the rebuilding of entire rooms. Whatever the case may be, we here at Built can help you through this trying process and get your home back to where it needs to be.


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