Toilet Overflow in Upstairs Bathroom

Toilet Overflow in Upstairs Bathroom

Anne M. House: Sharon Woods Community. South Charlotte. 28210

Overflowing toilet causes damage to floor and ceiling below in Sharon Woods community of South Charlotte.

Anne M. called us here at Built after a toilet overflowed in her upstairs bathroom and was leaking through the ceiling in her kitchen. The water had seeped into a light fixture directly below and was noticeably dripping. Upon inspection of the bathroom and the ceiling below, we could determine the overflow had saturated the bathroom floor, the sub-floor underneath, and a section of the ceiling.

The bathroom floor was comprised of vinyl on top of a layer of luan attached to the subfloor below. Once vinly has been saturated it is essentially compromised due to the nature of the material and must be removed in order to dry the wooden material below. As a result, we removed the vinyl and luan that had been saturated so we could sufficiently dry the sub-floor.

In the kitchen downstairs, we removed the saturated light fixture as well as sections of the ceiling in order to create an access for us to sufficiently dry the sub-floor from the bottom. This is an industry technique used to dry a section of a structure in an efficient manner. By removing the layers of floor above and opening up the ceiling below, we were able to apply air movement and dehumidifaction on both sides of the affected wood.

After our equipment was working for 3 days we safely determined that the structure was dry and the water damage was successfully mitigated. The next step in the process would then be to restore the home to “pre-loss” condition or the condition the house was in before the damage had occurred. “Pre-loss” is an insurance term and we were working directly with Anne and her insurance company to make sure the whole process was easy to understand and handled correctly for all parties involved. We put the bathroom back together completely and were able to help Anne M. get a brand new kitchen light fixture that she is thoroughly enthused with.

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