Wind/Tree Damage – Watermark Recap

Wind/Tree Damage – Watermark Recap

Built Restoration and Construction Services received a call from the property manager indicating that she was receiving several calls from different owners’ stating that a very large tree had fallen on the community clubhouse.  Built Restoration was on site within one hour of initial call to evaluate and determine best methods to prevent additional tree damage from occurring.



  • Safety is paramount in situations like this.  If there is any indication that the  tree has caused structural damage to your home vacate immediately.  Secondary damage can occur from water or even electrical fires depending on the location of tree impact.
  • Built Restoration handles tree damage/impacts turn key from start to finish.  If you can’t find a contractor that will handle entire process including tree removal be sure to hire a licensed tree company that has workers compensation and liability insurance for the type of work they are peforming.
  • Contact an IICRC Certified Firm that has been properly trained in water damage restoration protocol if the damage allowed any water to enter the structure.

At Built Restoration and Construction Services we have seen a lot of tree damage from storms and in particular wind over the years.  It is not unusual for large trees to fall during or shortly after these types of storms.  This particular tree was extremely large and damaged several different components of the structure.  Damaged building materials included the following:

  • 6 rafters were completely split in half
  • Front wall framing was pushed in
  • Due to size and weight of tree the deck leading up to the clubhouse was damaged in over 70% of total area
  • Stick framing at lower section of roof
  • Gutters and siding damage
  • Shingles and roof damage present throughout from both tree impact and required removal
  • Secondary damage occurred from large hole in roof that allowed water to enter structure

We received approval from the insurance company and property management company to begin emergency mitigation services and prevent additional damage.  We reached out to Mikes Tree Service (a Built Restoration Preferred Vendor) 704 608 1613 and began the process of tree removal and tarping roof.  Once the tree was removed a perimeter fence was set up to protect the property and reduce the opportunity of someone getting injured.


  • As part of your insurance policy you are required to reduce or mitigate additional damages to your home or business.  This includes tree removal, tarping, water extraction, and board up.
  • Insurance coverage for tree removal can be tricky-There are specific coverages in place for tree removal.  Keep in mind that different coverage limits will be applied at different stages of removal.  For example your insurance company will typically cover ALL reasonable costs to remove a tree from the structure but will have significantly reduced coverage amounts once the tree is off of your home (often times called “chop and drop”).

With emergency services complete we were able to meet with the assigned field adjuster from Travelers Insurance Company about 4 days after initial claim was filed.  Due to the size and nature of the tree or wind damage, a final estimate could not be determined without additional inspection from qualified professionals.  These included the following:

  • Engineering: Due to this building being a commercial structure it requires different building code and permitting processes.  Intelligent Design Engineering  (a Built Restoration Preferred Vendor) 704 634 3328 was able to help write a proper scope of repairs for the damaged roof and deck portions of this claim.
  • Ornamental Iron and Railing: Most insurance carriers will utilize the Xactimate Estimating system to determine the cost of damages.  While Xactimate can get “close” on estimating costs of simple items it struggles in other areas.  Watson Steel & Iron Works (a Built Restoration Preferred Vendor) was called in to determine actual cost of new commercial grade (and code compliant) railing at nearly double the cost of the initial Xactimate pricing.
  • Crane Service: Crane service was required in order to safely place new trusses due to the height and pitch of the roof the framing crew had to work off of.

Project Summary

Client: Watermark Homeowners Association

Type of property damage: Structural damage to trusses and deck

Secondary damage: Water damage from large hole in roof

Cause of Damage: Tree fell on structure

Location of Property: Charlotte, NC

Covering Insurance Company: Travelers Insurance Co


Built Restoration
Built Restoration
Built Restoration was established in 2003 focusing primarily on historic home renovations and remodels. Starting in 2006 we became Charlotte's premier insurance restoration provider working directly with most major insurance carriers.
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