Damage Caused By Smaller Fires

Damage Caused By Smaller Fires

We all know how devastating a fire can be to your home. In this article, we at Built would like to touch on the damage that can occur from even the smallest of fires in a home. Even a tiny kitchen fire, which are very common in the coming seasons, can have serious implications to a home. Here are some examples of damage caused by a small kitchen fire:


  • Immediate damage to range hood and appliances used for cooking, if that is source of fire.
  • Burning of adjacent cabinetry.
  • Compromising of drywall behind or above the fire.
  • Soot collection on hard surfaces including surrounding ceiling and walls.
  • Soft surfaces like upholstery and clothing also collects soot.
  • Some foods stored may be ruined if near source of fire.
  • Smoke odor and soot is moved throughout home through air ducting.
  • Light fixtures and smoke detectors also collect smoke/soot damage.


Those are the most common forms of small fire damage we see in homes. The kitchen is quite frequently the cause of these situations. In the event you find yourself in this type of situation, there are multiple ways to restore your home. Thorough cleaning, removal of anything compromised, and many other techniques exist that we can use to help you get your home back to where it needs to be. After a visit and assessment of the damage, we here at Built can help put together a plan of action with you in order to handle any soot, fire, and smoke damage resulting from whatever size the fire may have been. As always, feel free to contact us at any time.

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