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Winter Weather Home Damage

Winter Weather Home Damage

Types of Damage Created By Winter Weather

A winter storm can cause unique damage to a home. Cold temperatures present their own problems and storms can still damage a home, just like a warmer storm would. Below is a few examples of damage that can occur during colder months. We here at Built wanted to highlight these as we move into the winter months here in Charlotte, NC.


  1. Potential Roof Leaks

One of the main culprits of roof damage in the winter is whats called an ice dam. Water in gutter or on the roof freezes, the underside melts due to the proximity to the home, then freezes again. This causes more ice and snow to build up, putting a lot of weight on the gutters along the roof line. If not mitigated correctly, this can even lead to a roof collapse in some parts.

  1. Frozen Pipes

This is the most well known cause of damage to home during winter months. Frozen water in pipes causes breaks and leaks that can sometimes damage parts of a home. The most vulnerable pipes are the ones in exterior walls, outside of the home, or underneath in a crawl space. Be sure to leave water dripping at times where this might be an issue, so you can help avoid any potential damage.

  1. Exterior Damage

Ice can also build up on tree branches hanging near your home. This can cause limbs to fall and cause damage. High winds during a blizzard or typical storm can also cause roof and other exterior damage to the home. All of these are examples of damage that can occur during winter months.


As always, any questions or concerns about your home, please feel free to contact us here at Built Restoration. We hope this information helps you prepare for the winter months.

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