Removing Smoke Odor from Home

Removing Smoke Odor from Home

When dealing with a fire, obviously, the main concern is what parts of the home were burned or destroyed. However, there is usually secondary damage involved with a fire, as well, which is caused by smoke. This type of damage involves odor, staining, and  air quality. Smoke damage leaves a pungent odor in effected areas of the house and can collect on flat surfaces, leaving a dust like film on hard surfaces. In this article, we here at Built Restoration would like to outline some ways a homeowner can handle smoke damage.

Hard Surfaces:

The most obvious areas that need addressing are the large hard surfaces. Walls, ceilings, counters, tables, etc. Wiping these down with a wet rag and cleaning solution will help the process. Also, opening some windows during this can help with ventilation. At the same time, smoke soot can collect on any and every surface, depending on the situation. This includes light bulbs, door knobs, photos, and any other items in the effected area. Be sure to try to be thorough and wipe smaller items in the area down, as well. 


Soot and smoke odor collects in upholstery, fabric, and carpet, as well. The first step would be to wash all applicable fabrics in the laundry or, if necessary, utilizing a dry cleaner. Next, for upholstered items and carpet, a professional cleaner may be in order. Steam cleaning and HEPA vacuuming these items can help take care of the lingering odor and soot lingering in these items. 


Using an ozone machine is another great way to eliminate lingering odor in an area. Typically, use of the machine over a 3 day period, along with air movement, can drastically reducing remaining smoke odor. There are specific ways to use this and we here at Built can educate you on them in order to make sure the machine is used safely and effectively. For use of this machine or help with any lingering odor feel free to contact us here at Built Restoration.

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